Me, Myself && I

What to know about me at this present time in my life.


Call me India Childs

Celebrate my presence in Mid-September

23 years old

Yeah, I’m legal now. Which could possibly be the worst possible event of the year to occur for the bar staff and police force in town.

5 ‘9

For those jealous of my “tall” or “perfect” height, as it has been referred to before – this is the worst possible height EVER. I’m too tall for most of the boys in America (b/c honestly, our country must have the overall shortest boys statistic in existence today. After China, of course. And South Korea. And probably North Korea, too. FINE. After all the Asian countries. But, we’re next on the list!) AND YET, I’m also too short to be model. If I were actually skinny enough to be one, which I’m not. So, there is that. But at least if I were 5 ’10 I could have the opportunity, you know???

Presently 141.5 lbs

Lost 3 lbs, y’all.

Luscious brown locks of hair

I’m dying it darker, tho.

Uneven eyebrows –

Seriously, though. I look like I have 2 furry caterpillars above my eyes, who fell out of love, and now refuse to look one another in the eye again; while, simultaneously trying -and succeeding- to prevent me from finding love, or at least a hot guy who will tell me I’m beautiful every morning.

Gorgeous hazel eyes –

and I can say this because I inherited them from my grandfather, who also passed them on to my brother and cousin. The other 2 less-fortunate relations really must just be bastard cousins – if only for the blond hair and blue eyes they acquired from their other side; not to mention, the satanic and just-plain-POOR personalities they possess. I honestly do not understand how we are related and stand-by my long-lived suspicion that my aunt and uncle just picked up 2 random kids from the orphanage. They should really have chosen a better animal shelter after the first though; I mean, honestly; adding one jerk to the family wasn’t enough, but they had to pick up ANOTHER stray???

Borderline blind, not that I actually wear my glasses or contacts though…

Literally, the other day (2 summers ago), I got my eyes tested and the doctor actually stared at me and said “did you take an eye exam when you got your license?” well, obviously. “you really shouldn’t be driving without glasses on. I’m truly shocked they didn’t pick up on this, and that you haven’t caused a major accident yet.” well, to be fair – I didn’t actually get my license until 6 months prior to this visit, nor did I have a car at this point of hellish-doctor’s visit, NOR have I even driven a day since I’d gotten my license. So, honestly, it really wasn’t all that shocking.


Presently majoring in Taming Unicorns, with a minor in Daddy Issues.


well, wouldn’t you like to know.

60 boys and counting


I’m a slut.

Deal with it.


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