Hello Stranger

If there is one thing you need to know about me, its this: I live my life, recklessly and destructively, speeding through the fast lane.

So much has happened to me, does happen, will happen. There’s coincidence, fatefulness, awkwardness (definitely, so much awkwardness), disaster, pain, adventure, and drama (oh gawdd, there is just so much drama…). These experiences make up my life; make it into the big tangled mess, that it is. It’s so screwed up, I’d be surprised if anyone didn’t question how the fuck all this happens to, and in the life of one single girl.


This blog will be a safe [and obviously anonymous] place, where I can tell my side of the story for once. Somewhere I can express and detail every insane, disastrous, ridiculous, hilarious, and shameful situation I will (undoubtedly) find myself in and the experience therein.

I’m telling you right now, I won’t sugar coat shit for you. I’m not going to leave out any details; no matter how promiscuous, embarrassing, and/or shameful. Divulging secrets and acts and misbehavior; none of which any one person in this world has known in its entirety.

You can follow my thoughts, and fears, and deepest secrets. You can read about my daily adventures and wild nights out. You can listen to me ranting and venting, about my opinions and lack of wisdom. You can follow me and share these experiences with me.

Or not.

I don’t really care.


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