Guys, I Did Acid


So, as you can figure from my title of this post; I did acid for the first time.

It was fucking insane.

It was on Halloween at the RL Grime concert in New Orleans.

Because everyone was dressed up, a lot of people for whatever fucking reason wore creepy masks on the back of their heads. Which, to be blunt; freaked the fuck out of me. 

At one point, I legitimately thought the masks on the two boys in front of me were speaking to me. The guys were clearly friends bc one kept put his arm around the other a fair amount of times while dancing, which was when I started to have my conversations and expression-face-offs with the grippy masks.

The only drawback was that I couldn’t stop thinking about Rafaele. Which was a serious buzzkill. 

One of the boys in our group though, had brought his faux RayBans – which I quickly deemed as the “acid goggles”. The name actually stuck pretty fast, as the rest of the group began to call them that also, when we asked for them; sharing them as a group when they became too much for one to bear any longer.

At some point early on in the show, I noticed this girl in all white with dark hair. We made legit eye contact and I got this weird feeling she was familiar… So, acting on a gut reaction and after turning back to look at her several times – all of which she and her friend noticed – I pulled out my phone, pulled up Facebook, and searched for this one girl’s name. I grabbed Eli, and pushed her profile picture in his face and asked if the girl standing to our left was the girl in the photo. Before he responded though, her friend came up to me and said, “yes, that is my friend – how do you know her?”

So, OBVIOUSLY I ran over to her and explained how she and her friends had taken me under their wing at Electric Zoo just over 3 years earlier. We chatted for a bit and she texted her friend who had been in the group and that I had remained in touch with, took a photo, and sent it to him.

The crazy part about it was that it had been w her and her friends that I had attended my first ever electronic music festival, or even concert. It was the first time I had ever done any drug that wasn’t weed. But, it was also the last time I had seen The Bloody Beetroots perform.

Crazy, right???

Anyway, later that night some girl legitimately thought I was Ariana Grande – which to be honest, has to be the craziest fucking shit I have ever been asked. Like, bitch: I’m 5 ‘9 not 4 ft tall. I have to be like 3 sizes bigger than her, and my hair is now at long enough. So, seriously; are you on fucking crack, dude???

By the end of the night, it was raining really hard as we walked back to the hotel. During the walk, we were all for the most part still tripping pretty hard. Mattie was tripping the hardest though, as she had taken it about an hour and a half after the rest of us.

I shit you not, while walking back – Mattie literally stopped and shouted “holy shit, the painting on that building is moving! It’s a freaking video hologram shit! What the fuck, that’s fucking fire, man.”

The mural was definitely not moving. It was an insane mural, triply as hell, but definitely not moving, lmao. But, I swear to you, she actually legitimately stopped and took a video of it anyway, even after we laughed our asses off and told her it was not freaking moving at all.

When we got back to the hotel, I swear I literally could not stop laughing. I kept having all these laughing and giggling attacks, all of which Eli thought was the funniest fucking thing ever. We were both geeking out so hard, while we conversed about the walls moving around us, twisting and stretching.

It was definitely a good night.