New Year, New Me (lol jk – we’ll see)

So, Elias was cheating on me. AGAIN.

We’re done this time, for real. You might not believe me because a lot of girls will say the same thing and then take back their cheating ex, but not me. I have pay back planned – for both of them.


I’m going to get him back – just for a night because I know he will. I’ll take snaps of him in my bed and I’ll send them to her so she is aware of the sort of guy she is with… although that could backfire and he could get killed by her because she is a fucking PSYCHOPATH. she literally abused him – like CUT HIS FACE OPEN. and she slit her wrists when he chose me over her the first time. she’s fucking crazy.


I already got her banned from her favorite bar where a certain bouncer is particularly taken with me. Now, I’m just going to find a way to get her banned from every other. She ruined my Christmas day by “sharing with me the truth” then, so I’m going to ruin every night out for her possible.

Am I not pettiest person you’ve ever met, or what…

Some days I think about it and I’m still so angry. Other days, I’m devastated. And then the rest of the days, I find it hilarious.

But I’m seriously hurting form it all still.

It helps definitely that I already have like 3 guys at school trying to be with me now.

SERIOUSLY. One of them just bought me a plane ticket to spend the weekend with him in Dallas, TX.

Another just banned that hoe from his bar.

AND another is like blowing up my phone day and night.

PLUS. I’ve already gotten laid by like 3 guys this year and its only the fifth… title should read – “New Year OLD ME” rather hahaha.

My mom has been amazing too. I told her that I withdrew from last semester and she was actually a lot more understandable about it than I thought she was going to be. She wants to get me a life coach or something so we can figure this all out!


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