Carl, Shrooms, and Punching Masochistic Squirrels

TomorrowWorld 2015 – The India Carmichael Edition.
It was Thursday 24 September 2015 when I made my next split-second bold and undaunted decision for an opportunity of adventure, that would surely not come around again any time soon. [sorry if that sentence grammar was pitiful…]

Recently, I’d found myself in a time of my life when it was entirely falling apart. Like, it was as if everything blew up in an atomic bomb and as I tried to put it back together, I was suffering from the radiation in the aftermath.

So, naturally I still had to take care of the necessities; it was at Publix, trying to find the ramen noodles that my entire weekend took a turn for the adventurous and outrageous (for such it being so last minute). I mean, one minute I’m talking to this guy I know, (well, really he is just a bouncer at the bar I go to almost every night, which obviously meant we we’d been snapchat buddies for a 3 days short of how long we’d known each other) – but the next, he’s inviting me to TomorrowWorld with him and his buddy! So, given my rule for life to never turn down an opportunity for adventure; I agreed. 45 minutes later, I’m in the back of his Tahoe munching on my spoonful of peanut butter, and jamming out to a myriad of mixes by the artists we were headed to see.

Well, let me tell you – it wasn’t long before I began to regret my decision. Earlier, Hayden and Eli had organized to pick up a shit ton of drugs on the drive to ATL; so, for the obvious reasons that this is me and my life is always a combination of the obscene, the ridiculous, the hysterical, the unbelievable, and the outrageous, it was no surprise that things got sketchy real fast.

Shitty part 1:

First; Hayden drives us to this 5-star hotel, which in itself is a little weird for a major drug deal with an Atlanta gang member. From there; Hayden was instructed via text message to wait in the lobby for his guy, and to send his friends away, as they didn’t know us – therefore, we couldn’t be trusted; understandable. THEN; as Eli and I went in search of food (a near-impossible mission for 11pm on a Thursdy night), Hayden kept us updated through various texts reading along the lines of “omg this is so sketch… thank God I have my gun down my pants” (only in the south…), “we’re on the move to a guy’s place… wtf is going on, we’re at a warehouse… In an uber now heading back to the hotel WHERE R U???…So, that happened, meanwhile though; Eli and I, after several attempts at finding food, we came upon an upscale bar that was still serving food. KA-CHING. We made him Uber to us because the food was so damn good.  

Shitty situation 2:

It was raining. I mean full-on – monsoon-like, torrential, and giant golf ball-sized rain drops – raining. We had to make several trips form the car lot to our tent spot, during the rainfall. I’m telling you EVERYTHING was wet. I ruined my white converse – permanently and forever a weird brown stain blotched across my beloved shoes.

Shitty situation 3: 

Because of my last minute decision, I didn’t have much time to think on weather conditions when I packed my bag. So, obviously I forgot a lot of stuff when I didn’t expect it to be raining ALL weekend. Situation: no raincoat (though for whatever reason I did think to bring rain boots…), no sweaters for the cold nights, no pillow, and the worst part no drugs.

Shitty situation 4:

My friends left me to find my own way home. See my post regarding how I managed to get home without being raped and murdered, and would later be found chopped up on the side of the road.

Despite these less-than-stellar setbacks, I did manage to still have an extraordinary experience.

1. I met some incredible people.

2. I had some really genuinely eye-opening (and, okay, yes, drug-induced) realizations about my life.

3. I did shrooms for the first time.

4. I did some really fucking amazing dietcocaine – like, it was hitting me full-on not even 2 minutes after ingesting.

5. I had my first, and obviously only… , true fan girl moment when I hugged the sax player of my favorite artist performing the entire weekend. Omg it was fucking awesome – I’m still freaking out and clearly not over it…

6. I had a weekend away from all the bullshit in my life and was able to just let go, and forget about it for all of 3 1/2 days.


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